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having a successful career is having self-knowledge to achieve a successful balance in life

Starting up and scaling up a business has been a major challenge for several decades. When people used to have to go to the library to acquire knowledge; Nowadays it is easier to look up the answers on the internet. Today it is perhaps 10 times easier to start a successful business and 10 times more difficult to stay successful. The successes are achieved earlier and the life course of an organization is shorter. This has to do with many different factors, such as competition, speed, technology, knowledge, employees, etcetera. CareersinEindhoven believes in a bottom-up culture and that an organization starts with its employees. When an employee is in its place, an organization is in its place. When an organization is in its place, they will stay longer successful. 

What we stand for

Do you want to work with a consultant firm that only employs la crème de la crème when it comes to research, open-mindedness, and solution expertise? Do you want to work with a consulting firm dedicated to delivering the highest quality of rapport at all times, one which loves going that extra? Do you want to work with a consultant firm that provides you with exceptional financial fairness and total transparency? Well, that’s CareersinEindhoven. We offer consultancy with a lot of experience, but without a ridiculous price tag.


We dedicate ourselves to give people insights so that they become happier.


By applying various scientifically based research methods we can conclude.


Without the so-called quality marks. No organization hangs over our heads.

How can we help?

We know that the challenges are always unique to individual organizations, so a one-size-fits-all approach is not a powerful consultative approach. This is why we developed our flexible research planning process – we believe it is an incredibly powerful investment in the future of your business. As an ethical, hardworking and highly skilled in-house research firm, with an advisory spirit and a passionate heart, we focus all our energies on solving your problems, rather than selling our services which can result in, for example, reducing employee turnover, increasing happiness at work and reducing costs.


What we do

Internal Investigation

Find out who the company is, what it needs, where it wants to go and how successful it is or not.


Conservation Consultancy

The key to getting good insights into what’s going on in the workplace is by observing, researching and making connections.


Recruitment Consultancy

So who is your perfect candidate? Do you have the right knowledge, tools, or creativity? We can help with fishing in different waters.


Established in:

CareersInEindhoven (2019) is born in Eindhoven. Established in Brainport Eindhoven; Brainport Region one of the smartest regions of the world. Because of shortage in manpower in Energy, Technology, IT, Science & Healthcare and more is what made CareersInEindhoven called to life.

CareersInEindhoven provides both employer and employees insights into various points of interests: such as work pressure, satisfaction, happiness, trust and well-being.

A glimpse of various vacancies of companies we had.

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What our clients say

The consultant has very good communication skills - both verbal and on paper - and quickly gets to the heart of the problem.

Healthcare Institute

The consultant's communicative, analytical, and creative skills are not only shown in the field of employer branding but certainly also in the field of risk management.


Based on several sparring sessions, I can say that the consultant is a jack of all trades.


CareersinEindhoven sincerely listens to you.

Online Sales

I worked with the consultant on freelance base. He has excellent writing skills and aims to write the best possible SEO text. I think that is because of his creative mind.

Supply Chain & IT Engineer

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