What to do in Eindhoven this weekend?

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Last Saturday in Eindhoven

In Eindhoven, located at Strijp-S We went to a potluck dinner organized by HTT Community. We have been invited to their event by Tessy Willems (HighTechTalents Community Manager).

A potluck dinner is where people bring their own homemade food. It can be popular dishes from their own culture or dishes they love to cook. A potluck dinner brings people together and for us, the atmosphere was very awesome.

So what did we do?

Félix brought up Varenyky (Pierogi). A popular dough dish that is mainly eaten in Poland, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, the Baltic countries, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and other Slavic countries.

The filling of pierogi usually consists of cottage cheese, minced meat, bacon, potatoes, white cabbage (or cauliflower), onions, mushrooms or white farmhouse cheese. Different types of fruit such as strawberries, berries, and apples are also used. For us, this was the most interesting dish.

Furthermore, we had dishes with spicy chicken and rice, pasta dishes and cakes as dessert and more.

“Spicy, but tasty”

Playing games

With the group, we played a lot of games. This was fun and a very pleasant time. With games as needle pooping, Jenga, table tennis, food games, and balloons. We were glad that we were invited by Tessy, because we met different people from different countries and really had a fun time.

Interesting and thoughtful

When we talked with the people, they were uncertain, not unhappy but would love to know more about the events that take place in Eindhoven. There’s a lot to do in Eindhoven and especially during the weekends. Dutch Events or English Events don’t matter, there’s both.

Of course we both us and HTT can understand that. They leave their homes, their family, their friends, their based activities and go into a totally new environment. They have a new beginning. So activities HighTechTalents organizes are something that breaks the routine.

HighTechTalents Community

This community is worth to attend. They also organize events like Dinner dates and more.

A dinner date for all nationals and internationals who are between 25 and 40 years old. During our Dinner date, they arrange for you to eat, meet and chat with three candidates, who we have specially selected for you AND match your profile. This gives you an easy and convenient way to meet other singles. Find out more.

Events in Eindhoven

Would you love to find out what HTT does do more? Or want to know about other activities and events. We also share them on our website. Click the buttons for more information.

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