How Covid-19 (Coronavirus) has affected our lives, work, careers, and technology. The new 1.5-meter distancing society.

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Retrospect. Nobody saw it coming. About 4 months ago the COVID-19 came into our society and changed our lives, and even when the fight is not over yet we adapted to this situation. We have now the new 1.5-meter distancing society, working from home, major cities in lockdown. Now dexamethasone proves the first life-saving drug according to BBC.

How COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has affected our lives.
At first, here in Eindhoven we from CareersInEindhoven had the feeling that the Coronavirus would not reach us from all the way to here. We were at first more like being casual, and that this would just be like having a cold. From that moment that the city Wuhan, China went on lockdown, we were like they are taking it a little bit too overboard and they made within a matter of days a great successful hospital.

China was right, and we find China is not the one to blame. We do blame not China, we do not blame meat eaters, but we blame ourselves. We blame humans, because we learned in the past of almost of all the virusses that came in our system came from most of the times from animals. We should have learned from the history, but still we do not have learned from it.

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How Covid-19 (the Coronavirus) has affected our environment.
The damage this epidemic has done on our planet is disastrous according to BrennanCenter. A lot of people did have to leave our planet without having the chance to say goodbye or farewell and millions of cases with the Coronavirus according to Worldometers. Here in Eindhoven there were no flights, no events, no soccer games, no sports, no terras, no family time with elderly, and worldwide a lot of companies went bankrupt, the price of gas and oil went down in the history has never seen it before, globally major cities went in lockdown are still in lockdown due to COVID-19. Here in Eindhoven, The Netherlands we have the 1.5-meter distancing society, and a lot of people are working from home. Even when the measures that took place are easing, we still have to overcome the damage. COVID-19 (Coronavirus) will forever be remembered.

During this difficult time when major cities went in lockdown, we were forced to work from home, and still in the need to be connected with each other.

How Technology and IT were evolved during the Coronacrisis.
With the internet and the development in IT and Technology is what made this possible. A lot of jobs, careers, opportunities in these sectors rose. With applications as Skype, Teamviewer, ZOOM, Whatsapp, Video calling, and Facetime we could stay in touch with our colleagues, friends, family, and relatives. A lot of companies were and still are successful during these difficult times. And now we see that humans can adapt to those difficult situations.

We from CareersInEindhoven, have our own opinions about this global issue and watch it from different perspectives. We find that if we overcome COVID-19 (the Coronavirus), and the possibility of working from home would be one of the greatest opportunities companies have achieved.

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