The progress and development of Eindhoven

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The first building on the Brainport Industries Campus is for 80 percent filled. Eindhoven is taking the first steps to develop phase 2, with approximately 200,000 square meters of industrial space on a 50-hectare site on the Oirschotsedijk. At the end of this year, it will be decided whether the second industrial multi-tenant building for the high-tech manufacturing industry will be built and in what form.

/ The continued development of the Brainport Industries Campus “one of the core projects for the economy of the future”. /

SDK Vastgoed‘s director Ferdinand Gremmen, responsible for BIC, fully agrees. In fact, we have already started this process. Good positioning of the campuses is in the interest of the entire Brainport region; we also play a role in that. ” Even within Brainport Industries Campus, which must ultimately consist of five clusters, Gremmen sees reason for coordination. “So that we can get logical combinations of companies in every cluster.” Gremmen does point out that this is “a process of many years”.


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