You Don’t Need College Anymore, Says Google

According to This week, Google announced new professional career certificates that can be completed in six months to help Americans obtain high growth job opportunities. They also signaled to jobseekers that they would treat these certificates, which require no prior experience of undergraduate credentials, as the equivalent of four-year degrees by their hiring managers.

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The new certification programs of Google

Google launched at July the 14th new professional certification programs in data analysis, project management, and UX design, to be hosted on Coursera. People can pay monthly $49 for this the platform, and Google will provide 100,000 needs-based scholarships to cover costs and will be awarding over $10 million in grants to certain non-profits that partner with workforce development to women, veterans, and underrepresented Americans.

“In our own hiring, we will now treat these new career certificates as the equivalent of a four-year degree for related roles.” — Google

As reported in Forbes Coursera raised another $130 million in funding this week and is now valued at $2.5 billion, the service offers 4,500 MOOC courses with 160 university partners.

149 million new technology-related jobs within the next five years

Global unemployment in 2020 may reach a quarter of a billion people due to automation and pandemic-related disruption according to Microsoft’s calculations. However, they further estimate 149 million new technology-related jobs within the next five years with a majority in software development, data analysis, cybersecurity, and privacy protection.

Coursera’s own growth metrics appear to be evidence that employers can wait no longer for skilled labor. Indeed, Coursera’s enterprise business accounts for twenty-five percent of their revenue with continuing education courses for 2,500 companies and has grown 70% year over year.

Google hopes that low-cost certification programs that can be completed at a cost of $300 may be a solution to unequal access to education in certain fields. “While college degrees have tons of value, they are not accessible to everyone,” said Google vice president, Lisa Gevelber. According to a CNBC report, Google says that 58% of those who take its IT certificate identify as Black, Latino, female, or as a veteran and that 45% of enrollees make less than $30,000 per year.

Microsoft sees the problem as two-fold: a lack of training equity and opportunity for underrepresented populations, and the decline in employer investments in training over the past 20 years. According to Microsoft, on-the-job training is more than two times as prevalent among workers who are already in higher-skilled roles, leaving those in more automatable positions even more vulnerable to displacement.


Some believe that low-cost certificate programs may be a possible solution, as well as a tool to combat historic inequality in fields such as tech and improve prob prospects for those who do not have a college degree. 

“While college degrees have tons of value, they are not accessible to everyone,” says Gevelber. “And we believe that the absence of a college degree should not be a barrier to economic stability.”

“Go with the flow and adapt to the nature. Lead. Evolve. Learn” – Khrisando Banshi

CareersInEindhoven believes that the Covid-19 pandemic is also a situation that we as humans can learn from. It is terrible for what happened, and worldwide casualties have occurred. Don’t get us wrong. However, as cities worldwide have been locked down, economies have been hit, we have to start living through this situation “the new normal”, and obey the rules and warnings told by governments.

We think it is important that people can continue to develop, in real life or virtually, and if they have the same skills, expertise, and knowledge as a bachelor or master level through real tests, this would be a nice test to go trying out. We say, let it also spread to the Netherlands.


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