A Dating-App only for Tesla Car users? In addition to switching gears, let’s also swipe.

Photos of a new app called Tesla Dating began floating around online earlier this week, prompting headlines like “Finally, a dating app for Tesla owners and Elon Musk worshippers.”

Source: https://tesladating.co/

The idea of the application

What started out as a funny idea designed to poke fun at Tesla owners who only want to talk about how much they love their cars, may soon turn into an exclusive dating network.

The brainchild of Canadian developer Ajitpal Grewal, the Tesla Dating Co. website says it’s “an exclusive community of like-minded Elon stans. You know, the kind of people that really understand you.” The site asks for an email address and notes users “must prove Tesla ownership before launch.” Perhaps its tagline is the first hint that this is all meant to be in good fun: “Because you can’t spell LOVE without EV.”

“Yes, the intention with the site starting out was a parody, which I let everyone know,” Grewal said in an email to The Verge. “But, I did also say that if I see enough traction I would consider taking the app to launch. So far I’ve been seeing quite a bit of traction.”

That traction may be because Grewal told different media outlets different things about his pre-launch dating service. He’s quoted in The Wall Street Journal saying that Tesla ownership becomes a big part of someone’s identity: “Suddenly it hit me: These people would be perfect for each other.” It’s similar to what he told Business Insider. So maybe he didn’t spell out to everyone that the site began as (and mostly still is) a joke?


But the app is not real – at least not yet.

Launch date

The app is currently under development, but the Tesla Dating website allows early risers to sign up for a waiting list. Enthusiasts will then have to prove their ownership of a Tesla before launch. Since the launch of the website on Wednesday, more than 160 people have already signed up for the app’s waiting list.

To be clear, neither Elon Musk nor Tesla itself has anything to do with this project.


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