How to increase happiness at work with these 3 simple tips!

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We believe that to a large extent the employer should be responsible for taking care of happiness at work for its employees. This can be to ensure a good salary and good working conditions. Often this is always the case according to the employees. Happiness at work contains much more and many employers forget to pay attention to this so that employees will look at new challenges.

Anyway, this is not an article for companies, but for employees who want to take matters into their own hands. In this article, we discuss a number of things that often take place, also based on experiences that have been shared in online communities, on research with a number of tips that we would like to give in order to maintain the positive drive. Especially in a difficult time like this, where a pandemic is taking place due to Covid-19, we find it important that we maintain the positivity.

There are a number of things that have little or no influence, such as paying taxes, bad cloudy weather, healthcare, and safety. What we can influence is progress, self-development, building new friendships in your social network, and giving positive energy. Even if we have a bad day. A year has 365 days, and a bad day does not mean that you will have a bad year. Keep your head up! In this article, we give a number of tips that will ensure that you will increase your happiness at work.

1. Education

Reading books, following training and courses ensure self-development and increase your knowledge. Progression regardless of the size of the steps taken is progress. When we have completed something, it can bring satisfaction. People forget that you can also unconsciously increase your knowledge, for example, instead of watching a good film or series on Netflix, you can also watch an educational documentary. Instead of your Spotify playlist with your favorite songs, you can also listen to educational podcasts.

Relaxation and yet educational. This can give you satisfaction. Here are some great tips to watch on Netflix: Trump An American dream / The Game Changers / Tony Robbins I am not your guru / The Secret.

2. Improving Communication skills

Develop new communication skills. If you can speak Dutch, that is great, often it is true that internationals stay here temporarily and go back later and may not even want to learn Dutch. We do not mind this and it is very understandable. However, there is the possibility to learn an international language that ensures that you yourself can learn to communicate more consciously and confidently in the workplace and can also understand the other person better. We are talking about body language. We often use body language unconsciously and if you can learn to read body language in combination with the words of the opponent, you can often better understand the intention behind each message. Look at the actions and results and not the words were spoken, because actions tell a lot more.

3. Quality time

Pray, meditate, or take a moment of rest. By resting, we don’t mean sitting on the couch and watching tv or laying in bed and falling asleep. By resting we mean intrinsically showing our gratitude. Sometimes it is important to take a breath and stand still and dive deep into your memories and visualize your vision and mission. What was your life like 5 years ago? Where were you: then compared to now? Where do you want to end up in 1 year? Do you know what to do to achieve this?

We are often in a hurry, we have our bills that we have to pay monthly, sometimes we don’t even realize that we are quite right because we compare ourselves to others. It is good to think about this for a moment, you can do this, for example, by showing your gratitude to God, or if you are an atheist by meditating or performing a breathing technique.

These three tips are not entirely applicable to your work, but from our experiences, they can work very well on our body and mind, in order to increase our happiness and also work happiness. Learn more, use search engines, and stay positive!

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