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Careers in Eindhoven

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An all-determining trend among employers has been discovered. Where a strong resume was previously sufficient to arouse the interest of the recruiters, the skills that you can bring with you without the training required are now your most important building blocks in the upcoming year. Are you currently unemployed? Then in the meanwhile, try to get yourself some new certificates which will be valued in the work sector you’d like to be working in. The more skills you have got to offer, the higher you will be valued by the recruiters when you apply to your dream job.

But being limited in skills because of your age or any other reason doesn’t mean that you won’t be valued by the recruiters. The perfect candidate is not available for every vacancy. Hereby a skill gap can arise. And this skill gap needs to be filled up by new employees with the talents needed for the job. The only thing last to be done is showing yourself! Convince those people on the other side of the table, show your willingness to take classes and training where needed. Motivation to learn and develop is key at this part of the selection. More and more companies are willing to invest in employee training. Remember that! You are not necessarily behind with fewer skills.

Besides, you can always work on your soft skills. Soft skills, such as being social and good at working with colleagues, increase in popularity. Your way of communicating can really make a difference. Of course, there are plenty of companies that will take a look at the hard skills first. But you have to work with what you’ve got right? Don’t forget, you can make a specialty out of the smallest talent, skill, or motivation on your resume. You just have to value yourself the right way. When evaluating yourself for the right reasons, your future employer will recognize this more quickly as well.

Another trend for 2021 will be working from home. Most of us are already used to this obligation. But this habit will continue in the upcoming months and brings a trend in development along. Digitizing processes in the broadest sense is something that can’t be postponed any longer. This means you have to make sure that you are prepared to work from home and to work online. Create a good workplace and get the equipment you need to deliver the best work possible. This way you will be ready to take off and to make a great start at your new job.

Did you have the chance to develop a lot of skills over the past few years which are being appreciated in your work field? Then you might be just one step ahead of the other applicants. So make sure you emphasize this in your resume, your email, or any other contact moments with the company. Does that mean you won’t stand a chance when you did not have the opportunity to develop that many skills? No, it doesn’t! Every company has its own preferences. Some of them will prefer in-house training of the employees, where others won’t get the time or financial support to fulfill this.

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Written by Iza Zuidema for CareersInEindhoven.