Make your resume stand out in 2021

Updating our resume is not something we love to do. Either way, we need an outstanding factor from the first moment our resume crosses the eyes of the recruiters. Just like clothing, the layout of a resume can make you a safe option or a remarkable candidate. The last one is the person you want to be this year. But how?

  1. Simplicity

Lots of people are applying right now. And that means hundreds of resumes to go over for the recruiters. Busy and cluttered resumes will just take too much time to be fully read. Therefore, keep it simple! Use a clear layout, choose an easily legible font, and write things point by point. This way, your keywords will not be lost in the crowd. Because when this happens, the software some of the companies are using to select the best candidates won’t be recognizing you as a suited applier anymore. And we don’t want to end up in that situation, right?

2. Following: figures

In addition to the above, one trend is getting bigger and bigger. Do you already know what we are talking about? It’s using figures instead of words! By changing your six years of experience into 6 years, everybody out there will see in just one glance what they have in front of them. This will lead to a growing interest in your resume.

3. Links, links links

Digital competences are becoming increasingly important every year again. To keep up with this trend, you could add links to your resume. This proves your modern way of thinking to the recruiters and shows much more of your personal approach at the same time. Think about a link to your LinkedIn account or a link to some recent work pages. But, don’t push it! Just use the essential links in addition to your resume and letter of motivation.

4. Customize

Each and every employer asks for a different kind of approach. We are aware of the fact this will take a lot of time to realize. But the recruiters are perfectly able to differentiate between standard and customized resumes and letters. Do you expect to be short in time? Then you can always decide to create one resume per sector. This way, you can at least work with a strong document for every working field.

5. You are your resume

When your competencies aren’t enough to make a difference anymore, the recruiters will make the call based on personality. Ask your friends and family to describe you in a couple of keywords, competencies aside. Sometimes it could be quite hard to mention your own personality in just a few words. But the people around you are aware of how it is to be working with you. Convince the recruiters that you, out of all appliers, really are the greatest person to work with and it will increase your chances.


We wish you all the very best! We have faith in you guys. Let’s optimize all of our resumes and apply for our dream job!