Why Eindhoven is also your favourite city

Careers in Eindhoven

A well-known fact is that Eindhoven offers a lot in the field of employment. But this city is more than a good opportunity for a happy work life. Eindhoven has much more to offer for each one of you out there. Before you are finished reading this, you will probably think the exact same.

Feels like coming home

Anyone who has ever been to Eindhoven is familiar with this feeling. Nice people who comfort you and are willing to help you out anytime. ‘The coziness of Brabant’, as we say here, is a known pronunciation throughout the whole country. And this is not without reason. Not only Eindhoven is famous for his sociality and kindness, but the surrounding regions as well. That’s probably why a lot of people are willing to stay in town after they have been here for just a short visit, durable to work or friends.

Starter, expander, changer

Looking for a flying start in your social ánd working life? Eindhoven knows exactly what you need to make this happen. That’s why almost half of the living spaces over the last few years have been taken in by young people, ready for take-off. But also as a working father or mother of the family, you can find what you are looking for. Eindhoven is a very child-friendly city, with lots of options for suitable days out, schools of excellent quality, and future changes you wish for your kids. Are you just looking for something different in your life, but haven’t you decided yet how this change should look like? Discover all the possibilities Eindhoven offers yourself and take that leap! Change is a good thing after all.

Talents you didn’t know about

Eindhoven organizes gatherings on a regular basis to give you the chance to meet up with the talents you did not know about so far. Sports, art, technology, and student activities. Your development relates to many areas of life. You can meet with new parts of yourself because of this. Boredom is a word you therefore will not pronounce easily in this living city. Kids, students, adults, families, and older people can join activities to socialize and fill in their days.

The beauty of Eindhoven

Besides this all, we can tell you that Eindhoven is just an amazing city to see by day and by night. Beautiful architecture, meaningful statues and buildings, and of course some nature to take a walk through on a sunshiny day. Light artworks will surprise you in winter and show you one of the reasons this city has the nickname ‘city of light’. Something you do not want to miss out on, something you want to show your friends and family, something we are very proud of being.

Are you not convinced that Eindhoven is your city yet? We can hardly believe that. But, when you are not, keep updated with our blogs to get informed with more facts, tips, and tricks about working and living in and around our city!

Written by I. Zuidema for CareersInEindhoven.

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