The unique Brainport-PSV-partnership

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In 2019, soccer club PSV signed up for a sponsorship method that marked a world first in the world of soccer sponsorship. The club chose to continue without the main sponsor and instead, the people of Eindhoven opted for a so-called ‘premium partnership’. Under the name Metropolitan region Brainport Eindhoven, five large companies from the province are committing themselves as premium partners for PSV: Philips, ASML, High Tech Campus Eindhoven, Jumbo Supermarkets, and VDL Group.  


In 1913, PSV was founded by Philips. In those days Philips stood for Eindhoven and care for people and the region was of great importance. Philips recognized the importance of sports and so PSV was founded. The new ecosystem of the premium partnership was also set up with this in mind. A system in which Philips again plays a major role.


Dutch high-tech company ASML was founded in Eindhoven in 1984. So this company has its roots in the city of PSV. The Brainport-PSV partnership offers ASML the opportunity to retain expats longer and better. This system also ensures that foreign employees have a better time in the city where they live and work: Eindhoven. PSV is more than just soccer and this partnership with ASML, among others, demonstrates this. ASML shows the important technical knowledge the city owns.

High Tech Campus Eindhoven

As a central hotspot in Europe of technological innovation, The Campus provides access to high tech facilities and international networks. Brainport core companies are responsible for nearly 40% of patent applications in the Netherlands. Metropolitan region Brainport Eindhoven has the ambition to be even more clearly positioned on the map as a world leader in innovation, technology, and knowledge. Something High Tech Campus Eindhoven can definitely be a huge part of.

Jumbo Supermarkets

Jumbo Supermarkets also started in the province of Brabant, in 1983. The chain attaches great importance to healthy food of high quality and this also applies to the athletes of PSV. A Jumbo Foodcoach works extensively with the players to adapt healthy food to the needs of the training schedule. Jumbo and PSV also hope to inspire many others to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

VDL Group

VDL Group was founded in 1953 in… you guessed it; Eindhoven. An international industrial family business dedicated to the development, production, and sale of semi-finished products, buses, and more. Among other things, VDL Group will use the marketing clout of PSV to continue to stimulate working in engineering.


Thus, each company works on its own aspect of the project to encourage development, motivate and retain talent.  Philips and PSV find each other in the areas of health, innovation, and sports. PSV also has a vitality program under the name of PSV+, which employees of ASML make use of. PSV will be used as a crowd-puller on an international stage to increase the attention on opportunities for talent and companies in the Brainport Region. There is a collaboration with Jumbo in the Foodcoach program. And with VDL Group attention will be paid to the jobs in the industrial sector.

PSV is much more than just soccer and this unique premium partnership shows that. Eindhoven continues to fight for a future-proof way of living, working, and playing sports. The Brainport-PSV partnership is only the beginning of this. But a good start!

Written by I. Zuidema for CareersInEindhoven