Smile at the camera: 5 tips for online job interviews

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Since Covid-19 entered our lives, everything has changed. So has applying for a job. Many companies choose to conduct job interviews online, through Teams or Zoom, for example. But with such a long distance between you and your potential employer, how do you make sure you get the best out of it? We are going to help you with that!

  1. Preparation is half the battle

Applying from home means you are dependent on several factors. Therefore, test all the equipment you will need in the environment where you actually want to conduct the interview. Make sure your internet connection is good, for example. An unstable connection comes across as unprepared and you don’t want that! It is also important to think carefully about the best place to set yourself up for the interview. As little background noise as possible is very important here. It also comes across well if the background creates a calm impression, such as a plain wall. This way your potential employer is not distracted from what really matters: you.

2. Get dressed completely neatly

When you apply from home, the tendency is to dress neatly only as far as you are in the picture. Do not do this! Create a professional feeling for yourself by looking just as good as if you were applying on location. Not only you will experience this feeling, but the person on the other side of the screen will also notice it too. Wear that suit, business dress, or dress shoes when appropriate for the job! 

3. Come early

Setting yourself up earlier than the official start time of the job interview will prevent a lot of stress. You then have plenty of time to try the link you were given before the meeting and test your connection one more time. In addition, you can position your webcam in the right way, so that you are well in view. Your interviewer will certainly appreciate this! At a physical interview you don’t come too late either, right?

4. Adopt a good posture

It seems easy, but in practice, it turns out to be more difficult than thought. Adopting a posture that allows you to stay in the picture for the entire interview… Make sure that you choose the right chair from which you can also make good notes without disappearing from view. A large table or desk is preferable. On such tables, you can also display, in addition to your laptop or other device, notes, your own CV, and a printed version of the job description. This way you have all the necessary information at hand to make a good impression.

5. Look closely into the camera

It may feel a little unnatural and the urge to look at someone’s face will be strong, but keep looking into the camera. This will make you look straight at the person on the other side. When you are speaking or listening, don’t start looking through the space around you. This can come across as uninterested. To show that you are making eye contact, it is very important to have good light during the interview. Good light literally puts you in a good light.

We wish you all the best of luck with your online job interviews. With these tips, you should do just fine. We’re sure of it!

Written by I. Zuidema for CareersInEindhoven.

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