How social media can help you to get your next job

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Social media has become indispensable in our society over the last couple of years. We get to know each other through Facebook, use LinkedIn as an online CV, and nowadays employers also find us more and more through social media. Vacancies are shared via social media and search engines are unleashed on our profiles. It is therefore extremely important that your online profile(s) reflect who you really are and match the characteristics you mention in your CV.

Which social media channels should I use?

This depends entirely on the sector in which you would like to find a job. For example, for a job in marketing, it will be important to know a lot about all online channels, from Instagram to websites. While a business to business company might be looking for someone with a large network on LinkedIn. Still, there are a number of platforms that are always important to keep track of when you have them. 


One of the platforms most of you will be active on is Facebook. And it is one of the most important ones of all. Make sure your profile is up to date at all times. This means that the look of the profile matches who you are, choose recent photos and make sure that the texts you put on your profile look good. Furthermore, of course, your education, work experience and diplomas should be kept up to date. You can also get in touch with the right people by looking for new relationships via ‘people who work at’. A handy search function if you already know which company you would like to join and where you want to keep an eye on vacancies.


If we talk about a good basis for combining career and social media, LinkedIn is surely the corresponding definition. If you are currently looking for a job or will be doing so soon, then it is really advisable to create LinkedIn. When you already have LinkedIn, make sure that your profile is completely adjusted to your current situation, wishes and possibilities. Indicate that you are open to being approached by employers so that they can also find you when they want to fill a certain vacancy. Don’t only connect with your acquaintances, but also with people from the field you would like to work in and influencers from this sector. Make sure you stand out with a strong headline, provide some unique information about yourself and use an original yet professional profile picture. Oh, and don’t forget to actively search by setting an alert on jobs in your field so you are alerted when new opportunities come online.


Now you may think; what does Instagram have to do with my business profile? And yet this is a platform that can be of great value in the application process. For example, some employers are looking for someone who is strong in creating content, both in terms of image and text. Instagram shows them a lot about this. Instagram can also be a major pitfall, precisely because many people think that this platform is not important for their career. Do not fall into this trap and make sure that only neat, professional photos are uploaded that really tell something about your personality and goals in life. You will thank yourself later!

In general, it is therefore different for everyone which channels to use and how to set them up. Do you also find it difficult to choose the right channels and maintain them in the way your future employer would like? In next week’s blog we will give you the real tips and tricks to perfectly align your social media channels with your career needs!

Written by I. Zuidema for CareersInEindhoven.


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