With these tips and tricks, your social media is also ready for that new job

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You probably use various social media channels to look for a future job. But recruiters and employers will also look at your social media profiles if you have applied for a job. What do they see there and what is publicly available on your profile? We give you some tips to make sure your profiles are more than ready for a job interview.

What should we do?

  • Make sure your profile is as complete as possible, but keep it relevant. For example, consider adding a short summary of the most important things an employer should know about you. In this way you present yourself and show that you are aware that your profile will probably be visited by recruiters and that you are prepared for this.
  • Try to expand your network as much as possible. Certainly via LinkedIn it is worthwhile to regularly add people you have met at meetings or other occasions. Such a connection can bring in new information or be just the door opener you need to get noticed by your new employer.
  • Let your interest in certain fields or branches shine through in your profiles. You can do this by mentioning the courses you have taken, but also, for example, by commenting on blogs from a certain industry or sharing messages or videos that relate to your field. Of course you can also create your own content around your field of expertise.
  • Look yourself up on Google. What results do you find if you type in your own name? Are there any messages or parts of your profile that you should delete or set to not public?

When you have applied for a job, the recruiter may look you up on social media. He or she probably doesn’t know you yet and has to form an opinion about your suitability for the position. He or she will look at you differently from your friends on social media and you should take this into account. In addition to the tips above, we will also give you a number of things that you absolutely must NOT do.

What should we really NOT do?

  • Do not assume that a informal profile is enough for your employer. So don’t forget to adapt to the atmosphere of the company and the position: formal or informal. A formal company will look more closely at your social media and if they don’t find the input they would like to see, it could be at the expense of your dream job. 
  • Do not post any content on your social media that is somewhat daring in any way. Keep it clean, neutral and above all professional.
  • Don’t set up a social media profile and then stop keeping it up. A profile that is not up to date is worse than a profile that does not exist. So make sure you are constantly up to date with your accounts. Especially with LinkedIn, this is very important.

With all these do’s and don’ts, you can’t go wrong when it comes to social media profiles being checked by recruiters and employers. Is your social media ready to go? We wish you the best of luck!

Written by I. Zuidma for CareersInEindhoven