Married to your job or time for something new?

Married to your job

Reluctantly going to work. If we talk about goals in your career, this is definitely not one of them. Unfortunately, it still happens that people are going to work with reluctance. Do you still enjoy your work or is it time for something else? We give you a list of signs that it might be a good step for you to look out for another job.

In a country with so many career opportunities, it is a terrible waste of time and energy to invest in something you do not like. Do you recognise the signals below?

  1. Please, just another half hour….

Do you also struggle every day to get out of bed and get to work on time, because you don’t get any energy from your work? Then you are certainly not alone. Of course, we are all tired sometimes or have a bad day. But if you experience this problem more than two or three times a week, you might want to think about the reason behind this lack of energy.

  • Every day its own name?

Do you also go from Reluctance Sunday to Blue Monday and from Breakdown Wednesday to Almost Weekend Friday? This does not represent the definition of happiness at work. Hiding behind Blue Monday is no use if you just don’t feel comfortable in your current job.

  • You feel like you are in a rut

Day in, day out, the same thing. You are on automatic pilot and sometimes wonder if this is it. No more surprises in your work or home situation. When you come home, you don’t have anything special to tell about wonderful moments at work and you’d rather not talk about it at all. Maybe it’s time to look for a new challenge?

  • 9 to 16.59 mentality

Not a minute before 9 o’clock you start working and you count down the hours. Afternoon break is your favourite part of the day and from 4 p.m. onwards you can’t find the motivation to pick up new items from the agenda. At 4.59 p.m. you start packing your things so that you can be on your way home at 5 p.m.

  • Can I have a temporary contract this time?

Signing a permanent contract is something many people look forward to in their careers. However, it can also be something that terrifies you. The idea that you will be in this position for the rest of your working life is one that you are quite reluctant or doubtful about. Of course, this is not the feeling you want to get with the offer of a permanent contract and is therefore not a good sign.

  • When I grow up I want to be…

If this is a thought you still have in your adult career, you are most likely out of place in your current job. Perhaps you do not have the prospect of the (higher) position you dream of or you have always had a great passion for a completely different field. If so, think carefully about what you want and whether it isn’t time to go full steam ahead and pursue your own dream.

Do you recognise three or more signs in yourself? Then it might be time for you to look for a new job, another position or another company. Always choose for your own happiness and grant yourself that job where you get out of bed with pleasure every day and you forget the time, because you enjoy your work so much.

Do you not know how to take this step and look for a new challenge? We can help you with that. Feel free to contact us and who knows, you might soon have a conversation with your new employer.

Written by I. Zuidema for CareersInEindhoven.