Do you feel too old for that dream job? Don’t be silly!

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“I am too old for this job. They would probably prefer someone younger because they are cheaper. What will they do with someone who can retire in 10 years?” We hear this very often. Very unfortunate and in many cases not obvious at all. In this blog, we explain how your 50-plus age can work to your advantage.

Emphasise your advantages

A younger employee may sound attractive. However, do not forget that someone of this age will still need to be taught many things from within the company that you can bring with you from day one on. As someone who is over 50, you probably have more knowledge and experience in the field and this saves the company a considerable investment in training and courses. So you can get started right away with the full package. An enormous advantage if you ask us. In addition, an older employee can often bring a larger network with him/her than a younger employee. Something that employers attach great value to. Also, as a more experienced person for the job, you have probably worked in different positions, so you understand the whole team well and can quickly help in different areas of the job.

Your motivation has been proven with research

You know, of course, that you are incredibly motivated to start that new job. But your new employer is also becoming increasingly aware of this. Many studies have been conducted into the motivation of employees of all ages. And what does it show? People over 50 are the most motivated when it comes to work. An aspect that is taken into account very heavily during the application process. This is because it also leads to higher productivity and a good atmosphere. And isn’t that what everyone wants in their company?

2021; The year to market yourself as a 50-plusser

This year, many consequences of Covid-19 are still visible. This also affects the current job market. For example, this year we are seeing more and more senior positions. There are several reasons for this. One of these reasons is the necessary training we mentioned earlier. A younger employee will need more personal guidance in the beginning and that is more difficult to achieve in this period. Also, people are looking for someone who can take responsibility without any worries and who can join the team immediately. Two points where you will score high! Use these aspects in your application process. There is nothing wrong with emphasising your own advantages. You know yourself as an over-50s very well and can therefore present yourself convincingly.

Use your long-established network

We already hinted at it above, but your network can be a great advantage. Not only for your future employer, but also for your own application process. There are many people who can tell something about you, but you also have many people you can ask something. Let the traffic go both ways and discover this advantage that nobody can take away from you.

As a senior citizen, have you been looking for that one job for ages, but it hasn’t worked out the way you hoped? Then feel free to contact us. Who knows, we might have the perfect match for you!

Written bij I. Zuidema