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In our last blog, we talked about work areas that are showing an upward trend in terms of vacancies. One of these areas was care and welfare. Now, you may well be unsure whether a job in this sector is something you are good at and would enjoy doing. Fortunately, the Transvorm Talent Centre was set up for this purpose.

What is the Transvorm Talent Centre?

This centre is the ideal place if you want to orient yourself within the field of care and welfare. The professionals working at this centre will help you discover the likelihood of your career in healthcare. You can therefore call on the Transvorm Talent Centre when you want to orientate or learn about care and welfare or when you want to investigate whether the sector suits you.

The centre can then help you test and discover your strong and less strong sides to see what your future possibilities are within the sector. Based on this, they can help you find the right course or job. You can therefore not only answer many questions for and about yourself through the centre, but also look for the right job.

Applying for a job online

It is also possible to process all the answers you get about yourself through the centre into material that you can use later. Thus it is possible to fill in questionnaires about yourself and to create an automatic and personal online portfolio with this information. In this way, you not only bring your diplomas and experiences to the fore, but also show a piece of who you are. A big plus for the care organisations you are interested in and might want to apply to. In addition, the Transvorm Talent Centre has good contacts with many care organisations and therefore with employers you may find interesting. This gives them a good idea of the current job market, the wishes of employers and the organisations with which you could be a good match. When your profile is complete and you can start applying, you can even indicate which organisation(s) you prefer. These organisations can then see for themselves whether they see a good candidate in you, based on your online portfolio and additional profile.

Learn more about yourself

In general, we know quite well who we are and what we want to stand for. However, you may have more qualities than you thought, which are also suitable for working in healthcare. Do your competencies actually fit the jobs you are currently applying for, or could you search even wider? This knowledge will certainly help your application process. Testing and discovering your personal qualities, interests and potential matches is something the centre is known for.

Do you recognise yourself as a doubter?

Working in healthcare is a broad concept. Are you unsure whether this is really for you and what part of care work would be right for you? Then it is certainly worthwhile to contact the Transvorm Talent Centre. As experts in the field of future opportunities in care and welfare, you will be helped with answers to your questions. Click here to take this step. 

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Written By I. Zuidema