First impressions: Do’s and don’ts when it comes to profile pictures

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Choosing the right photo with which to present yourself during your application process and further business career can be more difficult than it seems. The image that your profile picture brings along is one of the first impressions that an outsider gets of you and therefore of great importance if you want to impress a potential, future employer. In this blog, we will give you some simple do’s and especially don’ts for choosing the right picture.

What you really need to avoid if you want to make a good impression with your profile picture

  1. Throw the selfie stand in the bin

Selfies… Send them to your friends, but not to your future boss. Using selfies in a job application process is really a no go. Even if you look good on them, don’t use them! They don’t look professional and adopting a professional pose is quite difficult if you have already lost one hand to take the picture.

  • We want to see you! Not your circle of acquaintances

It seems so obvious, but we still often see profile pictures with multiple people on it. So this is a real DON’T! Even if you are photographed with colleagues or other business associates, avoid this if possible. Apart from the fact that someone has to guess which of the people in the picture should be you, it also looks like you just grabbed a picture and didn’t put any effort into your profile picture.

  • Do not look into the camera as if the world is about to end

A businesslike appearance does not always mean that you have to look dead serious. For many companies, it is important to be able to see the character of a person in a photo. According to various studies, someone who has a smile on their face, even if it is just a little one, is considered more trustworthy than someone who only looks at the camera very seriously. So don’t be afraid to laugh. The professional aspect is not necessarily in the seriousness of the face.

  • Shadows, indistinct parts and faded colours… Make sure you have good lighting!

All too often, photos are used that are underexposed or overexposed. Take the time to avoid this and use a photo with the correct exposure. This also applies to extreme editing of existing photos. Please do not do this! It is obvious to see and certainly does not do any good to the business look you want to project.

But what should you do above all?

  1. Provide a calm background

The attention must be drawn directly to you. A busy background does not really help. So try to find a background that is not distracting, such as a white wall or the open air with no facilities in the background.

  • Remember that often it is not only your face that is on display

When taking a strong photo, part of the clothing can soon be seen. So make sure that the outfit also suits the sector in which you work or would like to work.

  • Show several sides of yourself

Consider taking several photos from different angles. For example, a portrait photo, a model photo AND an ‘action photo’ will give a much better idea of who you are as a person in the workplace.

Don’t forget that first impressions based on an image are often formed within a tenth of a second. choosing the right photo for your application process is therefore no easy matter. Use the tips above to present yourself strongly. We wish you good luck!