Your first working day in your new job during Corona time

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You have done your utmost to make a good impression during your application process, you can already see yourself at your new workplace and then the liberating phone call comes. You have got the job! Congratulations, you can now get ready for your first working day at your new job. But how does that work in times of Corona?

The normal handshake is no longer possible. What to do now? 

Where normally you could just walk around the building and introduce yourself, shake hands, and have the first conversation, now we have to get creative. In some cases, you can still introduce yourself remotely on location, but in most cases, your first day at work might even take place 100% online. And when everyone is in their own little world, it is very difficult to make good contact. In order to make a good first impression, you can show some initiative yourself. For example, compose an introduction e-mail in which you introduce yourself by means of a textual explanation with a photo, or even make an introduction video for your new colleagues. That way, they don’t know you personally yet, but they do know who you are, what department you will be working in and where and why they can find you for. Of course, you can also schedule some introductory meetings via Teams or Zoom with the people you’ll be working closely with.

Be well prepared

It sounds so obvious, to be well prepared. And yet, it is a lot harder at home than when you actually have to go to the new company for your first day. Make sure you are ready in time to start and have everything on hand. But also be aware of the fact that one day you will be working at the company again. So it is certainly advisable to find out from day one what the usual timetable is for your job and to start keeping to it at home. This includes not only the start and end times of the working day but also the coffee breaks, the number of deadlines to be met and the programmes or people you will be working with.

Do not be too hard on yourself

The Corona measures put not only you but also your colleagues in a difficult position. Your manager will find it extremely difficult to train you remotely and your colleagues will find it annoying that they cannot welcome you properly. If you cannot work something out straight away, if you forget some items on the agenda, or if you have to ask a lot of questions in order to fulfil your tasks on the first day, then this is not a problem at all. Take your time, keep it light-hearted and find your own way of working from home.

All in all, it will take some getting used to experiencing your first working day in this period. But after applying for a job and getting to know your employer, you will be able to handle it. Be proactive, show immediately on the first day who you are and what you do, and try to work from home according to the company’s lines. We wish you a lot of success!