The hows and whys behind emigrating to the Netherlands for a new job

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Are you thinking of moving to the Netherlands for a new career? Then that is a big step. When making this decision, there are many things to think about. In this blog, we will help you on your way with the process of moving to, and working in, the Netherlands. With a short checklist, you can already start taking the first steps in the right direction.

Residence permit or not? How does that work exactly?

If you come to the Netherlands (temporarily) to work, you may need a residence permit. This is the case when you come from outside the EU. Since the Brexit, this also includes Great Britain. Also if you are married to someone who does come from Europe you will need to apply for a residence permit. In these cases you can apply for this residence permit at the IND. But when do you not need to apply for a residence permit? This is not necessary when you come from a country within the EU to the Netherlands to work.

Concluding health insurance

In the Netherlands it is obligatory to take out a health insurance. This ensures, among other things, that you can go to the hospital after an accident. Therefore, you are insured for the necessary care that you might need during your stay in the Netherlands. Taking out such a basic insurance is compulsory for every inhabitant of the Netherlands, and therefore also for you when you start working in the country and come to live there.

To be able to take out a health insurance policy, you will first have to register as a resident of the Netherlands. There are no further costs involved and this can be arranged at the municipality where you are going to live. When you register, you have to indicate whether you will be staying in the country for less or longer than four months. You must therefore have a clear plan in advance. Have you registered as a resident and have you subsequently taken out health insurance? Then in principle you are ready to start working in the Netherlands.

Are you coming alone or with the whole family?

With the resident registration and health insurance you are ready to go. But if you are coming with the whole family, there are a few more things to do. The rest of the family is not automatically co-insured. Each family member will also have to apply for health insurance. Are you bringing children younger than 18 with you? Then they only need to be registered with the insurance, but they are insured free of charge.

Where will you be working?

Maybe you already knew where you were going to work before the move, because your new job is the reason for the whole move. But it may also be that you have moved to the Netherlands for better opportunities for a good career, while you do not yet know where to build it. In this case, you can register with employment agencies such as ours. Here you will be further assisted in your search for the perfect job. Talent from abroad is always welcome in the Netherlands, so maybe we can help you too! 

Will we see you starting your career in the Netherlands soon?