Applying and working as a single parent

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We have already talked to you a number of times about the homework situation. How best to handle it and at the same time keep time free for the family. As a single parent, this is even more difficult than before. In the application process, you will in many cases not be able to be as flexible as other candidates and if you already have a job, you will have to raise children and work at the same time because the childcare is (partly) closed due to Corona. Today, we give you some tips on how to make the most of both situations.

  1. Gain insight into your hours

As a single parent, it is very important that you map out how many hours you will be working, how much travel time you think you will need and on which days this will be. With this overview you can calculate how many hours you will need to arrange for childcare and how much this will cost you. It is therefore advisable to apply for a job where the working hours fall within the working hours of the day care centre, so that you do not have to find extra night care.

  • Can you work fulltime?

Are you able to work full-time? Then this is a big plus for you. The more hours you can work, the more interesting you are for employers. Can’t work full time? That is not a problem either. Just try to put in as many hours as possible in your availability. Employers like it when you can work a few extra hours on top of your part-time hours, in case of extreme pressure.

  • Can you really not work more hours?

There are options for you too. For example, the term duo job is becoming increasingly popular. You can look at this in two ways. Either you work partly from home and partly on location so that you only have to arrange childcare for half of the hours. Or you share your job with another employee. Your full-time job is then filled by two employees; you and a colleague. This way you are much more flexible and it is easier to change hours in case of an emergency.

  • Which sectors are most suitable?

As a single parent, you are naturally looking for a job in the sector that best suits your lifestyle. Now, a number of sectors are becoming more flexible, but two of them really stand out. The first is healthcare. Here, it is often possible to arrange your work schedule to fit in with childcare hours, school hours and any other ancillary needs you may have as a single parent. Secondly, we have the retail sector. Because here there are often peaks and troughs in the workload and you are working with a standard team, it is often possible to agree on a suitable work schedule. If you like to work in the same rhythm as your children, you might consider a job in education. This way you have clear hours and you can make use of the school holidays to spend time with your children.

  • Honesty

It is very cliché, but honesty is the best policy. Therefore, do not embellish the situation with regard to available hours for fear of not being able to get or keep a job. Your (future) employer will benefit as little as you. Always remain realistic towards yourself and your employer to avoid stress and disappointment.

Have you not yet succeeded in finding the right job with these tips? Maybe we can do something for you. Feel free to contact us and have a look at it together!