De Toekomst van Brabant – The Future of Brabant

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Once in a while, we highlight an organisation from our beautiful province of Brabant that might be just the thing for you. This time, we are going to take a look at an organisation called: The Future of Brabant. It is an organisation that supports talented, young Brabanders by helping them discover what they are good at and what they want. Personal development is key here, as is the quality of the work to be delivered. But what does the organisation actually do?

How versatile are you?

If you do not know exactly what the best area of work is for you, the organisation offers the perfect solution. In the trainee programme, you will work in different participating organisations, government layers, policy areas and projects. This way, you will have a very broad orientation, you will have to perform many different tasks and work in several teams. This ensures that you may discover what you definitely do not want, but perhaps also what you definitely do want! But don’t be fooled: it is not a programme for someone who ‘just’ wants to see what he or she likes and dislikes. It is a programme where much is expected of the trainees. Effort, motivation, skills and above all quality. Quality that can keep up with the quality of the training. The programme is carefully put together to get the best out of you and thus achieve the best results for yourself and the organisations you will be working for.

Education and coaching

As a trainee, you can expect a carefully compiled programme. A programme focused on personal development, substantive training and social skills. All aspects that you will definitely need during your career. To keep your trajectory on track, each trainee is assigned a coach to provide guidance throughout the programme. In addition, there are clients present at the workplaces themselves who ensure that you get a good idea of the field in which you are currently operating. So there is plenty of guidance on your business journey, looking for the agency you would love to work for for 40 more years.

When might this be something for you?

As you may have seen, this programme is not for everyone. In order to be selected as a trainee with the organisation, you will have to ask yourself whether the organisation you will be rotating between offers a direction in which you could optionally work. One of the things that will be considered during the selection process is your suitability to eventually take up a higher policy or management position. The traineeship is really meant as a first step in this direction. This means that after completing the traineeship, the collaborating organisations will definitely be interested in you for filling their vacancies and will do their utmost to achieve this. So after the programme, you are certainly not thrown in at the deep end looking for your job.

Social aspect

In the whole programme, the social aspect is high on the list. The projects are often designed with this in mind, and it is a will you must have to improve society. Do you really want to contribute to society in Brabant? Then this could be the programme for you.

Are you interested in this programme?

Is such a traineeship one hundred percent up your alley and do you see an excellent opportunity here? Then it might be a good idea to take a chance and apply to The Future of Brabant. We’ll give you a hand by guiding you to the right page with the link below. Good luck!

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