Work to live or live to work?

Work to live or live to work?

Have you ever asked yourself this question before?  The reason behind your career is something that can significantly influence your motivation and health. Therefore, this time we are going to talk about a piece of healthy mental attitude that you should be able to find at work. Of course, we all need an income to support ourselves. But does this mean that work should always feel like an obligation? That’s the question at the heart of today’s blog.

How long is your week?

For some people the working week flies by and for others it feels like an eternity. Mondays are a big obstacle to overcome and Fridays are a relief. Something that, of course, does not benefit mental health and motivation at work. These people feel that they have to work in order to live. Which, of course, is technically true to some extent, but reluctance to start the working week is certainly not a normality here. For those where the working week seems to fly by, the pleasure in work is probably much higher, which in turn benefits the mental health and motivation of these employees. Some people are so absorbed in their work that they feel they live for their work. Of course, this can also take things to an extreme and have negative side effects.

Which answer to the question is the best?

Actually, both optional answers to the question are not the most ideal situation. Without motivation and pleasure in work, no party will be able to get the most out of themselves without collapsing. However, it is also not healthy to always drop everything for work. So the best thing would be to sit between these two options. Here you can have fun and be motivated in your work, so your mental health is boosted and weeks don’t get too long, without losing it and never taking time for yourself, family and friends. Having a moment of rest and relaxation is the absolute key to success at work. 

Free days do not exist for nothing

Taking a day off is very difficult for some people. However, these days off were not created for nothing. Everyone needs time to unwind and recharge in order to be able to work hard again. This is not only advantageous for yourself, but certainly also for your employer. Your fresh look helps all parties to get the most out of their work. So don’t be afraid to stay home every now and then, go out and do fun things or simply call off work if you are not feeling well.

Listen to the people around you

When you go over to one side or the other, you do not always realise it. However, other people often notice it. When they ask you about your love for the profession, time for yourself, etc., you can be sure that they are aware of it. Then this will not be without reason. Try not to be deaf to this by simply dismissing the questions and remarks with the standard answers. We have all given them at one time or another. We’ve all given them: “It’s so busy, I can’t help it” or “I’m just tired but this is probably a phase that will pass”. Secretly, we all recognise ourselves in this at times. But there is nothing wrong with not giving the standard answer that people want to hear. It starts with being honest with yourself. Am I working too much or too little? Do I like my job enough? Is it time to look for something else?

We cannot look inside your head, but we can certainly help you answer these questions and explore other options with you. Do not hesitate to contact us if this idea appeals to you.

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