Careers in Eindhoven (Jobs and Vacancies in Eindhoven)

Careers in Eindhoven? (In English and for Expats)

The reason you find this webpage is, probably you are looking for a career. Perhaps a career in Eindhoven. In this topic, we will discuss the differences between jobs and careers. You can apply on jobs, vacancies, directly or been offered careers in Eindhoven by recruiters or organizations. But jobs and careers have differences in having an impact on someone his life. We will tell you.

Careers in Eindhoven (Jobs, vacancies, employment opportunities)
Careers in Eindhoven (Jobs, vacancies, employment opportunities)


The thing most people don’t realize is, applying on job boards is almost the same as buying products of an online webshop. The only difference is, instead of buying products of an online webshop with money you buy terms and conditions and salary with knowledge and activities. Let us repeat ourselves, yes you buy a salary with your knowledge and activities.

Furthermore, if you buy the wrong product of an online webshop you can return it or sell it on a marketplace, but when you choose the wrong company to work for, things won’t work out that easily. Everyone has their monthly bills, has to raise kids, and you want to live a joyful life. Your reality should meet your expectations, in order to live, become happy or successful. But if you have a job and aren’t satisfied wouldn’t that be regrettable? That’s why having a career mindset would be the perfect solution. With this mindset, you are not working for the living but you are living for work. Our website gives you enough hints, we focus on careers in Eindhoven. Where you can “buy” a job/vacancy/career in Eindhoven in order to become happy or successful.

What is the difference between a job and a career?

It depends on how you define the two words jobs and careers. Here we will give our definitions to the words: jobs; career. (No rights can be derived from this.)

  • A job is something you just do to earn money.
  • A job doesn’t have a greater impact on your life.
  • A job can be in a different field or industry, where you wouldn’t have affiliated feelings with.
  • Switching from jobs can mean your previous jobs aren’t linked or connected with the current job.
  • A career is a series of connected opportunities.
  • A career has a greater impact on your life and would be more valuable to you.
  • A career can be in a different field or industry, where you wouldn’t have affiliated feelings with. However, you know you are working in that field because it is for the bigger picture.
  • Switching from employment opportunities means your previous activities are linked or connected with the current activities.
  • A job is something you just do to earn money, but with having a career you want to do more and evolve yourself and get to the next level.

How to get careers in Eindhoven?

Now you have a clear image of a career. If you want to have a career, you need to find out yourself what does make you happy and what gives you joyfulness. It doesn’t matter in what branch, field or industry (insurance, health care, banking, finance, high tech, IT, robotics, hospitality, etc.) you would love to work, the sky is the limit. Then you need to find out for yourself where you are standing right now, and which person you would like to become in 1, 5, or even in 10 years.

You should be realistic, fish can’t climb trees. Don’t forget, happiness is the key to success. For example, if you would like to become a C.E.O of a huge company. In the beginning, you can’t apply for a C.E.O. vacancy. If you won’t become a C.E.O. but you are happy because you are having a career in the field or industry you are working for, then you are already successful, right?

But if becoming a C.E.O. is your dream we can tell you what we would do in order to become a C.E.O.
(No rights can be derived from this.)

  • Find out a role model C.E.O. in your specific field or industry (Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos)
  • What is their background?
  • Education: Marketing & Communication [3 yrs] > Bachelor of Commerce [4 yrs] > Master of Business Administration [2 yrs] (> Maybe even Ph.D.) [4 yrs] > Marketing & Communication internship [1 yrs] for company > Marketing & Communication co-worker [3 yrs] > Marketing Department Manager [3 yrs] > Assistant Location Manager [3 yrs] > Region Manager [4 yrs] > C.M.O. Chief Marketing Officer [7 yrs] > C.E.O. Chief Execution Officer [Lifetime].
  • Apply on similar employment opportunities, and you automatically get there.

What are the opportunities, careers in Eindhoven?

There are tons of career opportunities worldwide, and not only in Eindhoven. On this website, we only have summarized awesome jobs, vacancies, employment opportunities and careers in Eindhoven. Find out more.
Are you doubting about Eindhoven, just don’t. Read more about Eindhoven.

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