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Conservation Consultancy

By conversation, we mean that we value the things we already have more than seeking new things. In our consultancy role, we focus on employees and are curious about why they wouldn’t leave you and go for a better opportunity. 

Usually, our consultancy comes after doing internal research based on insights to implement a plan or strategy and re-evaluate. It is possible that a company has already insights or a vision, and would like someone to execute its plan or to improve processes for example Learning & Development; Talent / Performance Management; Diversity & Inclusion; Culture & Involvement etcetera.

Many organizations use the results of KPIs as a base to determine a strategy and to see whether objectives are being achieved. KPIs are extremely useful if you use them right. KPIs are not the holy grail and can give distorted results if misinterpreted. The goal of a conservation consultant is to help implement a strategy or to introduce KPIs, improve processes. Also a goal whether certain KPIs or objectives have been achieved, and if not then evaluate, and refine, this in order to get better performance. 

CareersinEindhoven specializes in supporting the Management Team for specific departments with a focus on small specific HR processes. Every organization with these departments is welcome with us: Customer Service-, Sales-, Accountmanaging-, Relationship Management-, Call Center Agencies-, Commercial-, -departments, and everyone who has direct contact with customers.

By analyzing existing processes, data, and KPIs we can map out the current situation of a department with the intention to improve on the following points: job satisfaction, happiness at work, work pressure, and trust. This is an ongoing process and we can help by contributing to its execution.

Our desire is that organizations know how to reflect on themselves in order to get better at self-improvement. We hope that those organizations intend to manage the happiness for both their culture and themselves. If this happens, then our job is done.

Our consultancy role is easy to understand.


We would like to explain things in a more simple and casual way. But, of course, we can understand that you would like to have some sort of justification. Then we would advise you to scroll down 

Briefing CareersInEindhoven

Phase 1: Briefing / debriefing

Let’s talk and introduce each other. In this phase, we will see if we are a match. We will discuss a few touch points and your desires, and track if we do understand you correctly.

Gear CareersInEindhoven

phase 2: plan to execute

In this phase, we will do some basic research and present our a plan, a timetable, the budget and manage your expectations. If you guys give us the green light, then it is a go.

Research CareersInEindhoven


In simple terms: we will start working and observe. Which methods we use we have already presented to you in our plan in phase 2.

Layers CareersInEindhoven

phase 4: Re-organizing

In this phase, we have to organize our gathered data. Some data are trash and most of it will be useful. 

Analyzing CareersInEindhoven

Phase 5: re-analyzing data

Now that we have organized our gathered data we can analyze it. It is time to make assumptions, think logically and connect the dots.

Evaluate CareersInEindhoven


We benchmark and evaluate the implemented strategy and the achieved scores. Facts will show us how things work out. 

Phase 7: Improve, re-think & re-design

In this phase, we will have to rethink how to implement the strategy. It is okay to make mistakes and accept the learning curve. It is not okay to have an ego, because there is always something to improve something. Then we repeat this ongoing process, starting from phase 2.

Conversation CareersInEindhoven

Phase 8: job is done

In this phase, our goal has been reached successfully, or maybe you don’t need a guide anymore because you know how to reach your destination. Then from this moment, it is up to you!

Last, but not least..

Whilst great research, creativity, and amazing value are all important factors, don’t forget about professional execution, measurable outcomes, and excellent service. Add it all up and that’s what CareersinEindhoven is all about. We won’t ever let you down, whatever we do for you. But it’s only possible, if you make that decision.

Are you still not convinced? Schedule a 2-hour consult without any obligation.


Do you have a lot of staff who leave you after a short time? Who are complaining or dissatisfied? Who likes to confront you? Are you not getting people in the right direction? Are you looking for a consultancy company that can help you with this? Then talk to us. We offer a two-hour research consultation without cost or obligation at a venue of your choice to discuss any challenges you are facing.


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