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By publishing a job you have read and agreed with our Publish Jobs Terms & Conditions and Privacy Statement. You have the right and authority to act on behalf of the legal entity and the company for posting this vacancy. All the filled in information’s furnished by you are true to the best of your knowledge and in belief. You are fully aware of knowing that Employ-IT and / or CareersInEindhoven cannot be held liable for text errors/misinformation.



  • How do candidates apply to my vacancy?


If you fill in our vacancy form, you will be asked for details of the contact person that candidates can contact. Think of the first name; last name; phone number; email address of the contact person and possibly an URL to the company’s website.

Candidates, therefore, apply directly to the companies and come into direct contact with HR managers or recruiters.


  • If published can I change details later?


It is not possible to change the description after your request for the vacancy to be posted on our website. Make sure to check the information you have entered several times before sending it to us.

If necessary, we will optimize the vacancy text where necessary. In order to get more traffic, and better candidates that match the vacancy description.


  • What is the maximum possible for a company to publish a job?


The maximum duration of a vacancy that can be placed on our website is 93 days. When the term of the vacancy has expired, you can make a new request to place the same vacancy again.


  • How long does it take for my request of publishing a job to be processed?


On average it takes about 3 days.

It may also be that the vacancy will not be posted, because we have strict vacancy requirements; we focus on specific locations; specific industries, and specific candidates. Read more.


  • Why should I publish a vacancy on CareersInEindhoven?


To be honest, we are a start-up and we cannot guarantee that you will find the right candidates via our platform.

What we do know is that if you do publish a vacancy on our platform, we will do our best and everything we can to reach the right candidate that matches with the vacancy. We have great marketing and targeting skills, and we will use our skills set to find the perfect match.

We stand for honesty and transparency for both companies and candidates. If you support those two core values, you should publish a vacancy on our platform.


  • Who is this vacancy site for?


CareersInEindhoven is an international job board and for permanent and temporary positions for companies that are located in Eindhoven. We specialize in the following sectors: Technology, Engineering, IT, Science, and Healthcare. We target companies and publish vacancies in those sectors, and for candidates, we aim at professionals with a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Ph.D. degree (National or International professionals).


  • Is it free to post a vacancy on


Yes, at this time it is completely free to post a vacancy on our website. We are a start-up and have just started this vacancy website. That is the reason, but who will know if we will ask a small fee in the future. For now, let us focus on the present day and start today by posting a vacancy.