F.A.Q. for Internationals

Frequently asked questions by Internationals.

What are the opportunities in The Netherlands? And should I work or study in Eindhoven?

The Netherlands itself has a lot of opportunities for people who would love to work abroad. In which city you prefer to work is what you should decide for yourself. What Eindhoven has to offer for you, you can read it about her possibilities here. Read more.

What do I need to arrange if I’m moving to the Netherlands?

At first, we suggest you read the Immigration Checklist first. And then you go to the tab ‘For Internationals’ and then to ‘General Information’. 

Where do I find the hospitals located in or near Eindhoven?

We summarized a list of hospitals near Eindhoven. Read them here.

What is the emergency number of The Netherlands?

The number is 112. Read more.

What to do during the weekends, Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Eindhoven? What are the (English) events in Eindhoven?

We made an event calendar. These events are English spoken events which you can attend to. Discover them here