Our minds consists mainly of

Well, let us introduce ourselves! When did we start, who do we think we are and where would we like to end?  

About us


CareersInEindhoven (2019) is born in Eindhoven. Established in one of the smartest regions of the world. Because of shortage in manpower in Technology, IT, Science & Healthcare is what made CareersInEindhoven called to life. 

We believe that the fundamental basis is important, that it is more important to keep what you love than to find and discover the new. The most important piece of a company are its employees.


Qualified Team Members.

If you want to work with one of the most open-minded consultancy firms in Eindhoven, where you’ll lucrative benefit from senior-level expertise from start to finish – well, here we are…!

Our aim is to deliver a big research and consultancy experience but without the big agency attitude. We will provide both employer and employees with great insights into various points of interest: such as work pressure, satisfaction, happiness, trust, and well-being. How do we do this? By always giving that extra.

Khrisando Banshi

Khrisando Banshi

Research Consultant

With 10+ years of commercial experience and accomplishments, with 40+ finished courses and studies, and still studying. Khris is a sparring partner who does not shy away from a challenge.

Josaphat Lugungu

Josaphat Lugungu

Business Intelligence

Your partner for organizing, analyzing, and visualizing your data. A few skills: Qlik, Power BI, Google Data Studio, Excel, Python, R, and flutter/Dart, T-SQL.

Your name here?

Appointment Planner

Don’t suffer from stage fright? Are you able to organize and schedule presentations, meetings, and appointments? Do you want to work for creme de la creme? Send us an email!

we stand for

Dilligence, Factual & Autonomous

We dedicate ourselves to give people insights so that they become happier. We put quality and effort over quick and half-finished work.

By applying various scientifically based research methods we can conclude. We want to make sure that every detail has a base to it.

Without the so-called quality marks. No organization hangs over our heads. We are independent and apply different methods based on desk research.

we are

People- & Solution- oriented Unbiased

To see where the biggest problems and the best opportunities lie, we put on a different set of glasses.

We are naturally empathetic and people-oriented, based on knowledge and expertise we are analytic, and can draw conclusions by reasoning logically and connecting the dots. This allows us to show companies their mirror image. We hope that companies with the best intentions manage the happiness for both their culture and themselves.

We make no assumptions. The truth is what we seek.

Last, but not least..

Whilst great research, creativity, and amazing value are all important factors, don’t forget about professional execution, measurable outcomes, and excellent service. Add it all up and that’s what CareersinEindhoven is all about. We won’t ever let you down, whatever we do for you.

Are you looking for more happiness in your company?

Do you have a lot of staff who leave you after a short time? Who are complaining or dissatisfied? Who likes to confront you? Are you not getting people in the right direction? Are you looking for a consultancy company that can help you with this? Then talk to us. We offer a two-hour research consultation without cost or obligation at a venue of your choice to discuss any challenges you are facing.

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Please call us: +31 6 44 58 67 97
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CareersinEindhoven is registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under KVK 68906382.